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Kinetic Adjustment and Design of Water Treatment Solar Reactors by Combinations of Nelder-Mead Method, Orthogonal Collocation and Runge Kutta

Scale-up a reactor from laboratory to pilot scale and from there to industrial scale represents a very big challenge for scientists, mathematicians and programmers. A solar reactor was modeled mathematically taking into account the transport of radiant energy, the conservation of mass and the kinetic reaction rates. The solution of the equations that model a reactor was proposed by coupling the orthogonal collocation method to transform a PDE’s system to a larger ODE’s system and Runge Kutta Method for its solution, included within an optimization algorithm that adjust the kinetic parameters to data pilot scale experiments. All concentrations could be described by the model with a standard deviation of 1.3 ppm, under different operating conditions and fluctuating solar radiation intensity. The parameters obtained can be used in the simulation of an industrial reactor before its construction. Keywords - Reactor Design; PDE’s; ODE’s; Modelling; Transport Phenomena