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Development of Design Simulation Tool for Solar-Driven MEE Water Desalination System

Within the last decade, there is a radical decrease of annual personal share of fresh water in Egypt. This was referred to the increase in population with the same fresh water sources. Future prediction indicates that by 2025, the water personal share will drop to 500 m3 which is half of the international normal level. Looking around for the solar energy potentials (2100-2400 kWh/m2) available with the large resources of salt water from Mediterranean Sea at northern and Red Sea to the east, water desalination was found a promising solution. However, finding the suitable location and system for building water desalination system needs a robust and fast economical and scientific based decision making tool. The present work aims to develop a simulation design tool based on integration between TRNSYS and EES programs to predict the performance of desalination system under annual weather conditions. This developed tool was tested on performance prediction of multi-effect evaporation desalination system driven by solar evacuated tube collector assuming it will be built in El-Arish city on the north-east of Egypt as one location that suffers from fresh water resource shortage. A maximum validation error was found to be 2.19%. Results indicate that 35 to 65 (m3/day) of fresh water could be produced by the system based on the season. Keywords - Solar Desalination, Multi Effect Evaporation MEE, Evacuated Tube Collector ETC, Fresh Water, Desalination System Design.