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Voltammetry on Liquid Aluminium and Al-Cu Alloy in Chloride-Based Melts

The cathodic reduction and the anodic oxidation of aluminium from liquid electrodes (Al and Al-10Cu) in (NaCl-KCl)-5 wt.%AlF3 melts is investigated with the cyclic voltammetry technique. The study of such systems is important due to the prospects of their use for novel aluminium (and other metals) reduction and refinery processes. The effects of the liquid electrode composition and the temperature (750 – 850 °C) on the kinetics of the electrode processes, the electroactive particles diffusion coefficients at aluminium reduction and oxidation are studied. The electrode composition was observed to slightly affect the electrochemical performance (peak currents and potentials on voltammograms). The estimated diffusion coefficients were in the range of (2.38 – 2.71)∙10-5 cm2∙s−1 for aluminium oxidation and in the range of (0.48 – 6.36)∙10-5 cm2∙s−1 for aluminium reduction. The diffusion coefficients for anodic oxidation were lower if copper appeared in the electrode composition due to the concentration gradient of reduced species. Keywords: Cyclic Voltammetry, Diffusion Coefficient, Aluminium, Reduction, Oxidation, Molten Salt