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A New Configuration of the TEG-Thermosyphon with Similar Heat Sink and Storage Tank Level

One of the useful areas for power generation is employing thermoelectric generators that can convert the temperature difference to electrical energy. The efficiency of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) can be enhanced by providing the conditions for raising the temperature difference between the hot and cold poles. There are various ways to raise thisrequired temperature difference, among which the use of natural convection is of great importance due to its low initial costs. However, TEGs, which utilize natural convection, suffer from low efficiency. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, all thermosyphons have the disadvantage that the storage tank needsto be elevated slightly higher than the heat sink to increase the efficiency. In the present numerical study, the effect of using a thermal sink, made of a flat plate withcylindrical finson the thermal efficiency of the natural convection heat transfer is investigated and the optimum fin height is determined. In addition, the effect of tank storage height on the heat transfer has been evaluated, and the optimum height is determined. A new design with a similar level of the storage tank and heat sink is introduced, which has a comparable efficiency with traditional designs. Keywords - Thermoelectric Generator, Thermosyphon Storage Tank, Heatsink, Natural Convection, Cylindrical Fins