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Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Small Capacity Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

In this work, it is proposed to investigate experimentally and numerically the performance of a small scale horizontal axis wind turbine (SSHAWT) under different conditions of tip speed ratios and pitch angles. The blade is first designed according to the Blade Element Momentum Theory (BEM) to validate the numerical methodology. Experiments are made in front of a free air jet with different inflow wind speeds. The blade pitch angle is varied from -3 to 3 degrees. The computations are conducted using the unsteady three-dimensional Reynolds-Averaged Navier- Stokes equations (RANS) along with the SST k-ω turbulence model. CFD simulations are proved to agree with the experimental results. The designed wind turbine has achieved experimentally a maximum power coefficient of 0.445 at tip speed ratio of 4.36 and 0.455 numerically at tip speed ratio of 4.65 as well.