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Comparative Studies in Minimizing the Corrosion Behavior of AA7075 through Advanced Coating Techniques

Aluminium AA7075 material has found to have a widespread application in aerospace and automotive industry owing to its better mechanical properties. Localized Corrosion was found to have a major issue, occurring in AA7075 material which limits its application in certain areas. Lot of research work is ongoing in enhancing the corrosion resistance of the material. Nano powder based Metal coating has been found to be more effective in reducing metal affinity towards corrosion and acts as a protective surface to the substrate against the corrosion. Collective studies related to different coating techniques performed on AA7075 is limited. Hence in this review paper, comparative studies related to ceramic Nano composites and polymer based coating on AA7075by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO)and chemical synthesis process are discussed. Also the performance of coating are explained in-order to understand its effectiveness. Finally, the corrosion behavior of above coatings, fabricated on AA7075 material are studied using Potentio-dynamic polarization (PDP) techniques and the surface morphology of the material was studied through microscope and SEM analysis. Keywords - AA7075, Ceramic Nanometal Coating, Polymer Coating, PEO, Chemical Synthesis Method, PDP, Coating Effectiveness.