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Increasing the Safety and Accuracy of Additive Use by Producing Injection Skid

PT Pertamina has Integrated Terminal Semarang Group to do the distribution of gasoline such as Premium (RON 88), Pertamax (RON 92), Pertalite (RON 90), Biosolar (CN 51), and PertaminaDex(CN 53) to the consumers in Central Java area.However, Premium and Pertamax are supplied by direct import becausePertamax gasoline still needs to be blended with additive substance. The current manual process of additive blending/injections still have many risks and problems that mainly caused by no specific toolsand standardizations used during the manual blending/injection process. Performing injection in the pipe by direct blending in the pipe and putting pump to the receiving header completed with programmatic injection system is proven to be the most reliable solution for the problems as well as saving the importing cost up to IDR 35,458,900.05 for each cargo. Keywords - Injection Skid, Additive, Blending, Injection, Gasoline, Integrated Terminal Semarang Group, Research Octane Number (RON), Cetane Number (CN)