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The Phase Stability And Solubility Of Diesel, Biodiesel And Ethanol Blends - A Review

The use of vegetable oils as fuel got pace when world faced the petroleum fuel crisis. World awaked in the 1930s and 1940s to search alternative fuel source and vegetable oil ester-based biodiesel were used as diesel fuels from time to time, in emergency situations. This paper reviews the phase stability of diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blends at different ratios and at different temperature ranges. Ethanol is miscible in biodiesel at all ratios, but it is immiscible with diesel, phase separation takes place. The biodiesel acts as additive (Emulsifier) for diesel and anhydrous ethanol (99.5% and above) mixture. The above 20oC almost stable blends (diesel-biodiesel-ethanol) are occurred similarly above 30oC to 40oC the blends are stable at all ratios. The hydrous ethanol (95%) is not recommended due high contain of water to use in blend. Keywords- Biodiesel, Diesel, Ethanol, Phase Stability, Solubility.