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Experimental Investigation Of Bio-Diesel With Corn Oil

As we know biodiesel is an important alternative energy fuel to petroleum diesel as there is a debate going on between fuels vs. food crises. In our study, we are investigating Argemone oil for its utilization in diesel engine; question arises, to what extent the physic-chemical properties of Argemone oil biodiesel are able to meet with biodiesel standards. What is the performance of an agricultural diesel engine fuelled with Argemone oil biodiesel with or without any modifications? What are the environmental impacts of Argemone biodiesel? Keeping all the above views in mind this research was undertaken with production of biodiesel through transesterification process from non-edible oil called Argemone Mexicana oil and investigation of process variable on biodiesel yield and to study the basic fuel properties like calorific value, density, kinematic viscosity, flash point, fire point etc. of Argemone Mexicana oil and its ester and compare these properties with those of pure diesel fuel. Keywords: Corn oil, Argemone Oil, Transesterification, Biodiesel.