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Risk based Inspection of Corroded Gas Pipelines

Corrosion is one of the main cause of pipeline failure both for oil and gas pipeline. Corrosion rate determination is very important to ensure integrity of the pipeline and is used as a reference to estimate the probability of failure. Using the two parameter Weibull distribution method, pipeline probability of failure can be estimated while the consequences of failure are prepared based on a number of API 581 requirement. Risk Based Inspection (RBI) of API 5L X52 gas pipelines is carried out as part of pipeline integrity management efforts. As the pipeline is aging depend on time, the likelihood of failure will increase unless proper governance is carried out to reduce risk. This study describes the risk analysis based on the likelihood and consequences of failure due to corrosion in the gas pipeline where the corrosion rate is estimated using in-line inspection technique. A case study is also discussed and confirmed that the gas pipeline will be considered in risk matrix 5C which is medium - high risk. Keywords - Risk Based Inspection, Probability of Failure, Consequence of Failure, Risk Assessment, Corrosion Rate