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Contact Stress Analysis of a Single Stage Planetary Traction Drive with Composite Rollers

Abstract - This paper presents a design of a planetary traction speed reducer. The Al – SiC composite material is used for the rolling element. Theoretical studies focusing on the principle of operation of the traction drive, analytical calculation for the Hertz contact stress were investigated. The expression of combined stress is derived with the combination of kinematic and force analysis. The analytical results of stresses show that value of principle stresses is less than the contact pressure in case of different material used for rollers. FEA simulation is carried out on the solid model of the speed reducer for estimation of stresses acting at the contact point of the rolling component. It is observed that when the material for the planetary rollers are replaced with composite material, the pressure developed in the contact region is decreased which in turn can increase the life of the overall component. Keywords - Traction Drive, FEA, Ansys 19.2, Contact Stress, Composite Material.