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Cost Comparative Study of the Circular Elevated Storage Reservoir and Intze Elevated Storage Reservoir with Varying H/D Ratio and Small Capacities

Abstract - In India more than 34% of its total population lives in urban area. Domestic water is major problem in this area, So as to solve this problem innovative design and solutions to existing problem is essential hence for that study of Elevated Storage Reservoir (ESR) is undertaking. It is a time-consuming task to design and cost estimation of overhead water which has needs lot of expertise.Water is very important commodity in today’s life. In urban areas, elevated water tank play key role in distribution system. There is various type of water such as Rectangular tank, circular tank, Intze tank, shape of tank play important role in cost of the structure elevated storage reservoir. Various researchers have performed analysis on elevated storage reservoir with changing h/d ratio. In this research work, cost of the water intze tank and circular tank is being calculated for various small capacities and varying h/d ratio. The shape of the tank play important role while deciding the cost of the tank. In this research work material cost is considered cost study that is cost of concrete and cost of steel. The cost per meter cube is evaluated after design of the water tank. Ms excel sheet is being used for design of circular storage reservoir tank and intze storage reservoir. Cost comparative study for small capacity of water tank (100,200,300) cubic meter both elevated circular tank and intze tank of varying h/d ratio and super structure, sub structure to be discussed below in details. At the result for small capacity elevated circular water tank is more economical as compared elevated intze water tank. Result shows that the circular tank shows promising result for smaller capacity while intze tank shows economical result for higher capacity. Keywords - Elevated Water Tanks, Design, Cost Effectiveness, Limit State, Microsoft Excel Design Spreadsheet Etc.