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Small Capacity Air-Cooled Ammonia-Water Absorption Chiller for Solar Thermal Cooling System in Tropical Climates

Indonesia has very large solar energy resources with an estimated average irradiation of 4.8 kWh/m2/day. This can be an opportunity to reduce or even replace the high electricity and fossil fuels consumptions for the application of absorption cooling technology with the help of solar energy to support the work of generator component. Absorption chiller with ammonia-water solution is still not widely used in cooling and air conditioning applications, although it operates in pressurized pipes and ammonia itself has typical smell so that it can be easier to locate any leakages on the system. Solar-powered ammonia-water absorption chiller system with ambient air temperature cooling media was being modeled to find the most appropriate design with variations in condensation and evaporation temperature for residential air conditioning in tropical region of Indonesia with small capacity of 3.5 kW. From the thermodynamic simulation results, the system COP of 0.554 was obtained. For the system characterization, the increasement of condensation and evaporation temperature gives contradicting effect to the generator outlet temperature and system COP value. The increasement of condensation temperature increases the generator outlet temperature but lowers the COP value of the system. This is the opposite of the effect given by the evaporation temperature. Keywords - Absorption chiller, Ammonia-water, Solar cooling, Air-cooled