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Design of Potato Classifier for the Mechanization of Potato Harvesting

The purpose of this paper is to design and manufacture a machine that classifies potatoes at the same time as digging potatoes to mechanize potato harvest. In order to design the potato classifier, the size of the potato was measured based on the national classification standard and the size of the potatoes being distributed in the market, based on this, a conveyor belt track that potatoes can be mechanically classified as small, medium, and large was designed. The power to drive the track was calculated, the speed of operation and the damage rate of the potatoes were measured, and the speed range of which no damage occurred was determined. As a result of the design and manufacture of the classifier, the classification rates were 77%, 86% and 65% for small, medium, and large, respectively. If potatoes are well shaped, they can show a higher classification rate. The findings are expected to contribute to the automation of potato harvests. Keywords - Potato Digger, Classifier, Potato Harvester, Designs, Experiments.