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Performance Analysis of Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors on a Series-Parallel Arrangement Effects

The need for energy resources is increasing every year. The solar collector can absorb solar radiation and as a water heater. To get much energy, we need a lot of solar collectors. This study will conduct a simulation with MATLAB software to know whether the arrangement of the circuit is changed will get a better final temperature. In this study, a simulation was carried out with several conditions to determine if the circuit's arrangement could increase the final temperature. After the results were obtained, the simulation performed again to find the circuit arrangement with a higher exit temperature than the previous arrangement. Using average data, the new circuit's arrangement was obtained by the difference in temperature in and out of 10.3 oC. In comparison, the actual circuit currently has a temperature difference of 6.3 oC. The efficiency obtained in the new circuit is 67.4%, and the currently installed circuit is 67.9%. Keywords - Solar Collector, Outlet Temperature, Performance, Parallel-Series