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Real Time Altitude Estimation Using Laser Range Finder for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing System

UAV’s are one of the foremost expertise emerging little by little, UAV’s has on no account of pilot in onboard which can also be pointed as Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), early at the period of discovery of UAV’s were used by only defense sector for dropping bomb, monitoring boarder security, delivering weapons etc., But Now UAV’s are used for many societal applications like inspection and monitoring civilians crowd , surveying and mapping river path, precision agriculture crop monitoring, Aerial imaging & Multispectral imaging for terrain mapping and 3 dimensions mapping. Quadcopter of X configuration is chosen and assembled, expected to his stability and performance flight characteristics. Flight stabilization is performed, and data is acquired from Arducopter flight controller board. The flight dynamics system is briefly explained in Part I of this paper. The work includes motor dynamics and the nonlinearities involved in the governing equations. The voltage data acquired during the flight of the experimental system is given as an input and its motion control analysis is done. The results of the experiments and developed mathematical model are compared. They are fairly in agreement with each other which validate the present model. This is a first step in automating the VTOL aerial robot system avoiding human dependency in any form which will be the scope of future work. Keywords - Rotary-wing UAV, Laser Range Finder, UAV, GCS, Kalman Filter.