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A Study On Dry Sliding Friction Behaviour Of Tic Reinforced Aa7075 In-Situ Composites By Taguchi Analysis

Aluminium alloy AA7075 reinforced with TiC particles was fabricated by in-situ stir casting technique. Scanning electron microscopy was used to confirm the presence of TiC reinforcement in as-casted composites. The effect of co-efficient of friction on the wear behaviour of AA7075-TiC composites was studied using a standard pin-on-disc friction tester by Taguchi analysis. The influence of load, sliding velocity and sliding distance on the co-efficient of friction during dry sliding was examined using ANOVA. The sliding wear mechanisms were identified by worn surfaces analysis using scanning electron microscopy. Keywords—Co-efficient of friction, In-situ metal matrix composite, Taguchi analysis, Wear mechanism