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Exhaust Pressure Propulsion Turbine

this study aims to extract energy from the exhaust gases which come out from various system around us i.e. from a motorbike or car at smaller scale to a sugar mill or huge power plants. As the name above suggests EPPT consist of a axial flow turbine (similar to turbines in jet engines) and the exhaust gases directly facing the turbine blades. Thus, resulting in movement of the turbine and the pressure energy of the exhaust gases is converted into kinetic energy which is used to generate electricity. Similar phenomena works in IC engines of vehicles to generate electricity and thus reducing the loss of pressure energy during the exhaust. Thus the EPPT can be a good prospective for conservation of energy and increase the overall efficiency of the system. This invention basically deals with the use of exhaust pressure energy which is wasted during the running process of IC engines and from chimneys of industries. The rotating motion of the turbine is converted to electricity with the help of a portable generator thus the pressure energy of the exhaust gases is used by converting into electricity. Keywords- Exhaust pressure, Exhaust Manifold Axial Type Thermal Turbine.