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Experimental Investigation of Material Behaviour in Single Point Incremental Forming using Static Tool Condition for Aluminium Alloy

The present work focuses on investigating the influence of step size, tool diameter, and spindle speed on aluminium sheets. In SPIF, forming tool is generally programmed to move along a CNC controlled definite path to form a predetermined shape by local deformation layer by layer. Forming force produces stresses and strain in the sheet depending upon part shape which further determines structural integrity of the final component. Experimentation is performed based on full factorial method. In this experimentation, thickness variation in different rolling directions and micro-hardness are taken as output responses and the effect of various process parameters like tool diameter, step depth and feed rate are studied on these responses. Analysis of variance is carried out to find out the significance of the input process parameters and its percentage contribution. It is concluded that tool diameter and step depth are the most significant process parameters for the output responses. Keywords - Single Point Incremental Forming, Micro-Hardness, Thickness, ANOVA.