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Design of Active Wheelchair and Detachable E-Hand Bike Attachment for Wheelchair

Human beings who belong to 0.01% of the total animal population of the world, [1] are the most evolved species of the animal family. A certain part of this species is not able to do or learn the most basic things such as walking, running, brushing teeth etc. that a normal human being does independently, this part of the species is, known as disabled human beings. In the early days, they were leading their lives highly dependent on others and hence they were under looked by many people because of this fact. As time progressed and the science and environment in which we live evolved some many inventions and discoveries took place to help this set of people to be independent as much as possible and feel that even they are equal to the other people around them. One invention that helped these people in their mobility was a Wheelchair in the year 1783. Though there were many advancements to date, there were many problems that are not addressed in a general orthopedic wheelchair. Some problems like pain in the back, spinal cord injuries, pressure sores etc. are not at all solved. Hence to solve this problem we are making an active wheelchair that is electrically driven. This is because the cost of an active wheelchair in India at present is around US$1400-US$3500, which is impossible for a middle-class Indian to afford. Hence to reduce the cost we wish to develop this wheelchair in India and make it affordable to the common man. In addition, we try to add an E bike to this so that the wheelchair is mostly used by the person itself. Keywords – Sports Wheelchair, Active Wheelchair, Fabrication, Stress, E-hand Bike, Axial Pin, Assembly.