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FEM Based Structural Analysis

Abstract - The Finite Element Method is among the finest techniques to dissolve numerical problems expounded through differential equations. It is a valuable tool for ascertaining structural mechanics problems. This research aims to develop software capable of running a structural analysis on a given civil engineering structure. The FEM is a heavy-weight algorithm with high bandwidth, memory, and power requirements. The focal points of the research project include formulation, design, and optimization of the Finite Element based algorithm for Structural analysis. Our goal is to optimize the algorithm to achieve better performance, considering both the time as well as the memory. The software was also tested with different algorithms to ensure that it performs the computation in a time period that is not more than what the existing industrial solutions need. The research essentially concentrates on linear solvers, so parallel and low-level implementations can be explored in future work. Keywords - Finite Element Method, Structural Analysis, Numerical Approximation Techniques