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An Integrated Data Logging and Monitoring on Broiler Farm with Internet of Things System and Mathlab Analysis

Abstract - Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept in which an object communicates to the internet network. Monitoring of environmental parameters of poultry using IoT application is not a new research in the field of engineering. However, in Indonesia the real implementation of IoT-based system monitoring has not been widely used in broiler farm. For this reason, it is necessary to monitor an IoT-based system that is capable of monitoring, measuring and analyzing the situation in the chicken coop. This research uses Blynk and Thingspeak applications. This tool is made with Arduino UNO Microcontroller which is placed with SIM900l and placed in a room that has been specially designed to suit the conditions of the chicken coop environment. The compartments are made using a 3D printing machine. The author project design shows that the use of IoT can be cheaper, reliable, and accurate in terms of measurement, monitoring, and data recording. Keywords - Data Logging and Monitoring, Internet of Things, Broiler Farm, microcontrollers