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Digital Twin and Its Role in Industry 4.0

Abstract - This paper reviews the relevance of Digital twin technology in ongoing fourth Industrial revolution, generally known as Industry 4.0. In Industry 4.0 many new technologies are introduced to make the manufacturing process more efficient and various process are being digitalized. This paper talks about the advancement of Industrial processes through the help of Digital Twin technology. This technology is one of the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 among other ones. Enabling Technologies for Industry 4.0 alongside digital twin are also mentioned in this paper. This paper talks about implementation of digital twin in industry 4.0 for predictive maintenance, continuous optimization of production processes and continuous processing of its data. This paper focuses on application and implementation of novel technology like digital twin in industry 4.0. Despite being novel concepts Digital Twin and Industry 4.0 are still growing concepts. Thus, there are still limitations which can be improved in the future. These limitations as well as the benefits of using this technology in Industry 4.0 are mentioned in the paper below. Keywords - Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, Production, IIoT, CPPS, Manufacturing