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A Study of Fast, Slow, Non-Moving (FSN) Inventory Analysis in Pt AC (Stone Crusher), Bandung

Abstract - Now a days, Indonesia focuses on building the infrastructure to fulfil Indonesia’s fiscal policy. New roads and bridges are built. The need of andesite supplies gets higher. PT ACis one of company who works in mining and producing andesite product. Maintaining production capacity needs a good inventory management to make sure the production can run well and produce a good quality of andesite product. PT AC suffers bad production performance with high portion of maintenance and standby condition. FSN analysis is used in this research to analyze, evaluate, decide new policy for inventory management in PT AC. PT AC Inventory consist of 17% in Fast-Moving, 70% in Slow-Moving and 13% in Non-Moving but a big gap in demand between Fast and Slow-Moving (61% and 19%) by adjusting 4 important inventories, gap between Fast and Slow-Moving can be flatten (47% and 33%) which could increase the readiness of inventory to support production. Keywords - Andesite Production, FSN Analysis, Infrastructure, Inventory Management