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Contribution of Mechanical Engineering in Astronomical Research

Abstract - The ancient people used to look up at stars for the purpose of making an authentic calendar. People from antiquity were interested to know the actual juncture to sow seedlings and when to expect rains. Eventually the movement of stars were the foremost way to keep track of the passage of time. In July 1609, Galileo Galilei used an instrument to look at celestial objects. This instrument is known as ‘Telescope’. Telescope is an instrument, which has been manufactured by utilising Engineering &Technology. The Working principle; as well as control system, is guided by Engineering. Telescope is an inevitable instrument for observational Sciences. To set up and control the Telescope efficiently; Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics& Telecommunication Engineering andComputer Engineering play vital role in construction,installation,testing and operation of Telescope with successful attributes. The current paper will emphasize exclusively on the role of Mechanical Engineering to facilitate the main motto of Astronomical Research, throughObservational Science. Keywords - Telescope,Dome,CCD,Steel,Auto Cad,Optics,Delrin,Aluminum 6061 T6,Filter Disc,Mechanical Design,Inspection,Quality Control,Machine,Roll off Roof,Stress,Strain,Yield Point etc.