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Intrinsic Parameters for Fabrication of Ceramic Grains & Pads for Pulveriser Grinding Media

Abstract - A novel method of fabricating ceramic metal matrix composite (CMMC) insert is established by finalizing the intrinsic process parameters and composition of ceramic grains followed by the shape and properties of ceramic pads to become integral part of the bowl mill grinding roll of pulveriser to achieve higher wear resistance properties. Initially, experiments were done to fabricate spherical ceramic grains of Al2O3 and found that samples with 60 wt% Al2O3 (Alumina-Sodium Alginate Slurry) sintered at 16500C for 5 hours dripped into CaCl2 solution through 1mm dia nozzle resulted in high green density (61 g/cc) and high hardness (1615HV) spherical grains with size range 1.5-3 mm dia. Accordingly, ceramic pads, using ceramic grains in the size range 1.5-3 mm dia as a mixture of ZrO2 (30 wt%) toughened and TiB2 (6 wt%) hardened Al2O3 (60 wt%) with minor addition of Co (4%), were made adopting the same method. Then these ceramic pads were positioned at designated location in the CO2 mould in to which high chrome metal is poured to make ceramic metal matrix composite inserts. Grinding rolls, fabricated using these inserts embedded in the outer (working) layer, could give enhanced average running life of bowl mill roll by 2000 hrs. Keywords - Ceramic Beads, Ceramic Metal Matrix Composite, Gel Casting, Grinding Roll, High Chrome