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Comparison of Various Exoskeleton Devices to Explore for a Novel Hybrid Design

Abstract - Research into realizing effective lower-limb exoskeletons has become an important necessity in countries where the elderly population is increasing to alarming levels. To maintain independence and good quality of life of elderly persons, lower-limb mobility exoskeletons are expected to play a vital role so that they can continue living in their own homes and carrying out their normal daily activities for as long as possible. This paper explores various devices that are available in the market or at research stage which are meant to bring the change. The aim is to gather the information about different controllers and actuators used in the current devices. This is to be done so an optimal solution in terms of new hybrid design could be found. This will not only reduce the complexity of these devices but will also help to reduce the cost considerably so that general people can have access to them. Keywords - CVT-Gearbox, Four-bar Mechanism, Lower-limb Exoskeletons, Scotch-yoke Mechanism, Wearable Robots.