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Effect of Cutting Edge Shape on Tool Life in End milling of Hardened AMS 6260

Abstract - AMS6260 is one of the materials of the US aerospace material standard, and is composed of nickel- chromium-molybdenum, with Fe as the main component. This material has high hardenability and high toughness. For this reason, it is used as a material for parts that require high toughness, such as gears in aircraft engines. However, while AMS6260 after heat treatment has high hardness, it significantly reduced machinability. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to achieve high accuracy in the cutting process of AMS6260 after heat treatment. In this paper, the experimental milling of the hardened AMS6260 after heat treatment is conducted under some cutting conditions using three types of coated carbide end mills, namely, a ball end mill, a square end mill, and a radius end mill, that have different cutting edge shapes and the effect of cutting edge shapes on tool life is clarified. Keywords - AMS6260, End mill, Cutting edge shapes, Heat-treatment, Tool life.