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Modeling, Simulation and Sizing of a Micro Grid in the University Campus Case study: Chetouane University Campus, Tlemcen-Algeria

Abstract - The current power grid is one of the most complex engineering systems in the world. With a worldwide increase in population and thus in electricity demand, research is being stimulated to develop new technologies for more sustainable, reliable, and efficient energy systems. Microgrids are being recognized as a great solution. DC Microgrids are suitable for powering low voltage systems. PAUWES institute site has been taken as study case for implementation of a Microgrid. The purpose of this study is to propose a modeled and simulated design of a DC microgrid for a localized area in the “university campus of Chetouane”. The system is grid-connected and can provide energy autonomously using solar panels, with a backup supply of batteries and a diesel generator.In this paper, we have achieved a sizing study taking into account future extensions of the buildings to ensure flexibility, and then a model has been proposed and tested for several operation scenarios. In final step, we tested a management strategy for optimizing power consumption along one year, and to determine best storage mean in term of reliability, cost, and environment benefit. Keywords - Dc Microgrid; Sizing; Modeling; Managment