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Computational and Experimental Comparative Flow Study on De Laval Nozzle Concept Approach

As our final year project we have to designed, manufactured and analyzed a convergent-divergent type nozzle for a selected area ratio. The purpose of this project is to simulate the operation of a converging-diverging nozzle, perhaps the most important and basic piece of engineering hardware associated with propulsion and the high speed flow of gases .For this first we have considered a particular area ratio. For the selected area ratio three different designs are made ratio (convergent, divergent and convergent divergent).At various conditions of back pressure, analyze of flow through the nozzle is done. Then we manufactured the nozzle with the values we get from the analyses and tested the working of the manufactured nozzle. We have also checked the choke conditions at various back pressure and corresponding mass flow rate. Finally we have plot the curve between the mass flow rates vs. pressure distribution with the practical values. Thus we completed this project successfully with the help of our department faculties. Keyword - Flow, Nozzle, Computational Studies, Shock Theory.