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Realization of an Accurate Glycosuria Sensor using Silicon based 1D (One Dimensional) Photonic Structure

Silicon based 1D (one dimensional) photonic crystal structure is disclosed in the research to detect the amount of glucose in the urea at the signal of 1550 nm. The deviation of both electric and magnetic field is employed by FDTD(finite difference time domain) method. The proposed structure is realised through 3 layers where first and third layer is taken of silicon and middle layer contains the sample. The output result infers that both electric and magnetic field is found zero for normal urea but these electric and magnetic field is differed from different concentrations of biological liquid material glucose in urea. For example; electric fields are 0 V/m, 0.4567 V/m, 0.4525 V/m, 0.4483 V/m, 0.4398 V/m, and 0.4313 V/m and magnetic(TM) fields are 0 Amp/m, 0.423 Amp/m, 0.4187 Amp/m, 0.4143 Amp/m, 0.4056 Amp/m, and 0.3969 Amp/m with respect to the glucose concentrations 0 to 0.15 gm/dL, 0.625 gm/dL, 1.25 gm/dL, 2.5 gm/dL, 5.0 gm/dL, and 10 gm/dL. Finally, it is concluded that the status of urea whether it contains glucose or area fetched by knowing the electric field and magnetic field at output end. Keywords - 1D Photonic Structure; Glucose-Urea Sensor; FDTD; Electric and Magnetic Field