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Different Control Methods Design for Wind Turbe in Hybrid Photovoltaic -Wind System

Nonrenewable energy sources are finite; they will be not able to cover the increasing consumption of energy. Their disadvantages also include their high cost and pollution of the environment. Renewable energy sources are the optimal solution for the increasing energy consumption. Photovoltaic (PV) and wind are the most effective sources. A photovoltaic - wind hybrid system will overcome all these difficulties. Wind solar systems are reliable in nature and average cost with clean energy. Control system design is a fundamental part in power systems to maximize energy production. In this study, first, a hybrid wind-photovoltaic system was designed. Then, we focused on designing different controllers for variable speed wind turbine. PID, LQR and H-infinity were applied using state space model. Keywords - Renewable Energy Sources, Photovoltaic, Variable Speed Wind Turbine, PID, LQR, H-infinity Control