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Investigation And Piston To Piston Comparison Of Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine Fueled With Pongamia Oil And Diesel Oil

All over the world the use of petroleum products has increased day by day. The vehicle population is also increasing day by day. The vehicle population has tremendous increased in the recent year with the explosion of vehicle population in the world wide. As the vehicle population increases the use of fossil fuel like petrol and diesel has increased tremendous. . Thus the implication of vegetable oil offers the advantage of being used readily in existing diesel engines. Hence to meet these requirements humans have to look towards alternatives to the petroleum based fuels like petrol and diesel. This paper focused only on non-edible oils like pongamia oil as fuel for C.I engine. The main objective of this paper is to study the performance and emission characteristics of a multi cylinder, constant speed diesel engine using pongamia oil & compared with the diesel fuel. Brief studies about the experimental setup and components have been done before the experiment started. Calculations have been done for the taken readings. A four stroke multi cylinder diesel engine was used to study the brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption and emissions from zero loads to full load for both diesel and pongamia oil. Keywords- Diesel, Pongamia oil, Performance, Exhaust Emissions, Alternative Fuels.