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Studies on Gas Flow Parameters and Fractional Removal Efficiency of Ultrafine Particulate Matter of Newly Developed Electro Cyclone-Filter

The treatment of industrial polluted flow remains a relevant topic for the purpose of sustainable development and improvement of the general state of the environment. The removal of particulate matter, and especially their fine and ultrafine fractions, from the gas flow is an urgent task, but it poses many challenges and demands for purification technology. This paper presents the results of the first stage of the research using a newly developed cleaning device operating by a complex principle, which consists of a new generation two-stage centrifugal filtration device and an electro filter. Research has shown that the efficiency of removing ultra-fine particulate matter is up to 99.7% for particles of 0.3-0.5 μm in size at 200 m3/h of the air flow rate. Keywords - Gas Flow, Fine- and Ultra-fine, Particulate Matter, Electrostatic, Removal Efficiency