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Experimental And CFD Study Of A Helical Coil Heat Exchanger Using Water As Fluid

As compared to straight tubes, curved tubes are more advantageous because of its compact structure and it has been practiced as ace of the passive heat transfer enhancement techniques and is being most widely practiced in several heat transfer applications. Usually the coil will be wound inside the case of a helical coil heat exchanger and in our field; the helix is wound outside the case. This offers the advantage of avoiding insulation outside the heat exchanger coils. This paper deals with experimental study and CFD simulation of helical coil heat exchanger using Solidworks Flow Simulation (Cosmos Express). The fluid used for both coil and tube side is water. The flow rate of both fluids is maintained below as laminar and the flow rate of cold fluid is kept constant while that of hot fluid is changed. The readings during experimental study are taken once steady state has reached. The performance parameters pertaining to heat exchanger such as effectiveness, overall heat transfer coefficient, velocity contours, temperature contours etc. have been reported. Based on the results, it is inferred that the heat transfer rates and other thermal properties of the helical coil heat exchanger are comparatively higher than that of a straight tube heat exchanger. Keywords- Helical coil heat exchanger, experimental study, CFD, Solidworks Flow Simulation.