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Micro Electro Chemical Machining Of Micropin Tool Using Ultrasonic Vibration Polishing

The machining of materials on micrometer and sub-micrometer scale is considered the technology of the future. The current techniques for micro manufacturing mostly are silicon based. Micro electrochemical machining (µECM) removes material while holding micron tolerances and µECM can machine hard metals and alloys. This study aims at developing a novel µECM utilizing high frequency voltage ultrasonic vibration pulses and closed loop control. Stainless steel and copper alloy were chosen as the workpiece materials. A model was developed for material removal rate. Experimental setup was created of small drilled holes agreed with theoretical models within 10%. Micro burrs can be effectively removed by optimal Ultrasonic Vibration polishing in µECM. A sacrificial layer helped to improve the hole profile since it reduced 43% of corner rounding