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Study on Metal Expansion Joint Manufacturing with Laser and Force

In this paper, the authors discussed the principle of operation of metal expansion joint and presented traditional methods of their production. Moreover, they discussed the innovative concept of producing these elements using a laser beam and external forces. The authors explained that these are elements intended to compensate for temperature differences and stresses in construction materials. The authors then analyzed traditional methods of producing metal expansion joints, highlighting their limitations and potential difficulties. They indicated that there is a need to look for new, more effective production methods that can increase the efficiency and quality of these elements. The main part of the article discusses a new concept of producing metal expansion joints using a laser beam and external forces. The authors described in detail the manufacturing process in which the laser beam is precisely controlled to shape the metal material according to the required compensator geometry. At the same time, external forces are applied to accelerate the process. This approach allows for the accuracy and repeatability of manufacturing, which is crucial for the effectiveness of metal expansion joints. The rest of the article presents the results of research on this new manufacturing method. The authors focused mainly on the recorded processing parameters, such as laser power, processing speed, acting forces, and geometry of the obtained elements. The results of these tests confirmed that the proposed method is effective and efficient, enabling precise control of the production process of metal expansion joints. Keywords - Laser Treatment, Laser Forming, Metal Expansion Joint