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Aircraft Support Vehicle Maintenance Management: Best Practices and Challenges

Aircraft Ground Support Vehicles or just Aircraft Support Vehicles (ASVs) play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation either on airports or during the Air Operations. These vehicles, ranging from Fuel Trucks/ Refuellers to Starting or Hydraulic Trolleys to Aircraft towing and de-icing vehicles to baggage carts, are essential for aircraft turnaround, passenger services and airport logistics. The proper maintenance of these vehicles is extremely vital to ensure safety, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the field of aviation. Therefore, to maintain a high level of operational reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness, a comprehensive maintenance management system is essential. This paper discusses the importance of maintenance management for aircraft ground support vehicles, explores key maintenance strategies, major challenges to the maintenance management of ASVs and their solutions, and outlines best practices to ensure the optimal performance of these critical assets at airports as well in the Air Forces. [1]. Keywords - Aircraft Specialist Vehicles (ASVs), Ground Handling Equipment (GHE), Aerospace Industry, Aerodrome, Maintenance Management of ASVs