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Study of Entropy Generation In Fin Cooling in a Horizontal Channel with Hybrid Nanofluid

This article presents a numerical study of Two-dimensional (2-D) laminar forced convection of fins mounted on the heated bottom wall of a horizontal channel and cooled with a hybrid nanofluid.This study was carried out to investigate the influence of pertinent parameters such as the Reynolds number on the flow fields, thermal performance and on the generation of entropy. A Fortran calculation code, based on the finite volume method, was developed to simulate a 2D flow with heat transfer.The effects of the Reynolds number on the flow fields, the average Nusselt number, the generation of entropy are presented. The results obtained show that the increase in Reynolds number leads to an improvement in heat transfer but also an increase in entropy generation. Keywords - Forced Convection, Fins, Nanofluid, Finished Volumes, Entropy Generation.