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Effect Of Composite Wrappingon Crashworthiness

Crashworthiness is the ability of a structure to protect its occupants during an impact. Depending on the nature of the impact and the vehicle involved, different criteria are used to determine the crashworthiness of the structure. The combination of metal and composite layers is known to displays plastics deformation and failure mode composite layered. The capable of structures to absorb large amount of energy are great interest in an effort to reduce the impact of collision. In this experimental study, the crashworthiness parameter of composite wrapped mild steel tubes when subjected to axial compression will be investigate. The efficiency is measured in term of the absorption performance that is higher in hybrid composites than in metallic and composite structures alone. Much of the working assessing the energy absorbing capability of composite materials and structures under compressive loading has been to a greater extent restricted to axis metric tubes. Therefore, it will contribute knowledge on how to develop a stable or controlled crushing response of hybrid composite material tubes under sustained axial loading. Keywords: Axial Compression, Circular and Square Tube, Energy Absorption, Fiber Metal Laminated Mild Steel.