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Milano Rib Knitted Fabric And Its Composite For Electromagnetic Shielding Applications In Engineering

The EMSE(electromagneticshielding effectiveness) of MilanoRib knittedstructure and its composite formwere studied in this paper. Milano Rib knitted fabric produced in this study was composed of cotton yarn and copper wire while the composite fabric was composed of aramid yarn, polypropylene yarn and copper wire. 7G semi-automatic flat knitting machine was used to knit the fabrics and a laboratory type hot press was used to form the composites. ASTM D 4935 coaxial test fixture was used for electromagnetic shielding effectiveness (EMSE) tests in 27-3000 MHz frequency band.As a result of the study, Milano rib composite form was found successful having a shielding performance of 20-40dB. Index Terms- Composite, Electromagnetic Shielding, Milano Rib, Weft Knitted.