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Assessment Of Water Quality Of Ganga River Stretch Near Koteshwar Hydropower Station, Uttarakhand, India

Water quality of Ganga River was assessed downstream of the Koteshwar hydroelectric dam (located in Uttarakhand, India) from Jan 2012–Dec 2013 based on the physicochemical parameters and water quality index (WQI). The results of comprehensive pollution index (CPI) and organic pollution index (OPI) has been used at sampling site. Results showed that during Jan 2012–May 2013 the overall water quality of Ganga river as clean (OPI<0) and excellent (CPI<0.8) after which tends to be polluted (OPI> 3; CPI>2) in downstream due to mixing of domestic pollutants. Pearson’s correlation matrix was used to find possible interrelations among the measured water quality parameters. Keywords: Water Quality Index, River, Hydroelectric, Pollution.