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Waste Management By Pelletization Of Iron Ores Fines In Indian Context

Abstract- India has adequate reserves of iron ore, but all of them are not ideal for use directly for iron making by the conventional blast furnace or alternative sponge iron route. The excessive fines generated from the mines or iron ore crushing units mostly go to waste or have to be sold at low prices. To face the rising price of calibrated ore and to meet the ever increasing demand for steelmaking by the next decade, utilization of wastes in the form of ore fines generated is an efficient alternative in this context and pelletization seems to be the preferred technology. Iron ore pellet is an agglomeration of fines which possesses better and uniformity of properties compared to the parent ore. The present paper aims an analysis of these factors for existing technologies and examines some aspects of pelletization under laboratory conditions. In the experiment it was focused mainly on altering the proportion of Carbon in the freshly prepared hematite iron ore pellets and studying their reducibility behaviour, supplemented by a microstructural analysis. Keywords- Iron Ore, Fines, Wastes, Pelletization.