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Viscoelastic Fluid Flow With The Presence Of Magnetic Field Past A Porous Circular Cylinder

Abstract- We consider a magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) problem, i.e. Boundary layer flow of steady incompressible and viscoelastic fluid with the presence of magnetic field passing over porous circular cylinder. The effect of magnetic field that acts on the fluid is applied and assumed to be flowing in a porous medium. Dimensional Governing Equations are formulated from the physical phenomena and reduced by using boundary layer theory. These dimensional boundary layer further are converted into non-dimensional form by substituting several non-dimensional variables. Further, those non dimensional equations are transformed into similar equations and solved numerically by using finite difference method. The effect of various parameters involved in the solution have been studied. Numerical results for the flow quantities show that temperature profiles increase when both of viscoelastic parameter and mixed convective parameter increase. Keywords- Magnetohydrodynamics, Boundary Layer Flow, Viscoelastic Fluid, Porous Medium