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Fuzzy Recycle Planning For The Green Supply Chain Management

Abstract- Due to the insufficient market information, such as the fuzzy inconformity of environmental protection laws and standard, unequal fuzzy remanufacturing capability of green goodwill between enterprises and unbalance fuzzy market share of green products, it is difficult to melt down then reuse the recycled material even though the production company is willing to produce environmental friendly green products. This paper presents a mixed integral nonlinear programming model of multi-echelon green supply chain with integrated fuzzy information to simulate the remanufacturing of recycled green products. The quantity of green product with maximal recycling and reuse ratio is solved by using the Genetic Algorithm for recycling disassembly resource planning and optimal profit-making of remanufacturing and re-disassembling model. The result shows that the green supply chain not only creates the optimal profit from the green gold but also satisfies the environmental protection requirement. Keywords- Green Supply Chain, Reverse Logistics System, Fuzzy Recycle Policy.