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Finite Element Modeling (Fem) For Evaluation Of Stress Intensity Factor For A Crack At An Angle And For V-Notch Specimen

The finite element modeling (FEM) for evaluation of stress intensity factor for a ‘crack at an angle’ and for ‘v- notch specimen’ has been investigated in this study, FE modeling is performed through which the behavior of the material is understood at different loads and at different crack length of the specimen. Here stress intensity factor KI and the stress intensity factor KII are determined. The theoretical and ANSYS values are compared with the target solution provided in the NEFMS benchmark problems. The stress intensity factor elegantly the crack characterizer and for mode one, two, three, the stress intensity factor is expressed as KI, KII, and KIII investigation is closer to the crack tip, often implies minute details to understand how elastic materials deform and dislocation behavior. This paper work emphasizes the study of stress intensity factor of ‘crack at an angle’, of a specimen in various loading conditions for different ‘crack angles’ and similarly the study of stress intensity factor for ‘v-notch’ of a specimen in various loading condition under different ‘crack length’ using the target solution is performed. Keywords- Stress intensity factor, loading conditions, crack length, crack angle, Target values.