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Ballistic Performance Of Multilayered Plates Subjected To Impact By Rigid Projectiles By Finite Element Investigation

Penetration of projectile into steel target is of high interest. The penetration process is highly complex and due to it interdisciplinary nature, most of the works in this respect are experimental. High cost of experimentation has forced many of the investigators to rely on finite element investigation of the models. Recent investigations rely heavily on simulation processes using available software tools. In aim of this paper is to study the projectile impact response on the multilayer plates. Projectiles with three different configurations such as blunt-, conical-, and hemispherical- nose shapes are considered. The results of ABAQUS simulation are compared with the experimental results of valid sources and a very good agreement in recorded. Also other parameters in the penetration problem such as residual velocity of the projectile, shape of the residual velocity curve and energy absorption are studied. Finally by observing the results of the above parameters, work concludes the advantages of the double layer configuration over the monolithic configuration. Keywords- Penetrations, Projectile nose shapes, Energy absorption, Failure modes, Ballistic limit velocity.