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Investigation Of Pressure Contours And Velocity Vectors Of Naca 0015in Comparison With Optimized Naca 0015 Using Gurney Flap

NACA 0015 is a symmetric airfoil which finds itself in many applications like wings of an airplane, in vanes of turbo machines and wind turbines. The vanes of turbomachines and blades of wind turbine are supplied with finite quantity of energy and hence require higher efficiency of the airfoil section. The standard NACA 0015 airfoil is analyzed using CFD. It is then optimized using a gurney flap at the trailing edge and analyzed using CFD and comparative conclusion is drawn. Analysis is carried out for -5°, 0°, 5°, 7°, 10° and 12° angles of attack. The analysis is carried out for a free stream velocity of 15 m/s. Index Terms— Pressure Distribution, Velocity Vector,Symmetric Airfoil (NACA 0015), Gurney Flap, Lift, Drag, Stalling Point.