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Comparison Of Engineering Properties Between Pure Copper Slag Brick And Spent Copper Slag Brick

This article presents the comparison of the engineering properties between pure copper slag brick and spent copper slag brick. Pure copper slag is the waste product of copper ore smelting and refining process while spent copper slag is the waste product from the process of abrasive blasting of metal surfaces. It is widely used in ship building, ship repair, other steel fabrication industries, building and industrial fields. According to copper industry report in the year 2010, for every ton of metal production about 2.2 tonne of slag is generated. Improper disposal and dumping of copper slag will cause environmental problems. The main objective of this research is to differentiate the physical and engineering properties of copper slag brick from two different sources which is from copper factory and ship blasting industry. It is a process of adding copper slag powder in percentage proportions as to replace sand in the brick formation. Five laboratory tests were conducted for this research such as compressive strength, water absorption, density and specific gravity to differentiate their properties. Although many researchers have done studies related to pure copper slag but none of these researches compared the properties of both pure copper slag and spent copper slag concurrently in bricks. Hence, this research explored the possibility of utilizing copper slag in construction industry, particularly in bricks. From the result of this research, there is scientific evidence that the engineering properties of pure copper slag is better than spent copper slag. Index Terms- Pure copper slag; spent copper slag; compressive strength; ship blasting; brick