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Variable Inlet Valve Opening And Its Turbulence Simulation Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

A new design of inlet valve has been innovated based on a study of flow formation using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation software of two intake valveā€™s designs. Three-dimensional figs of simulations represent flow were used to visual the turbulence kinetic energy of the air that is formed in the combustion chamber. The new design of inlet valve contains holes in the chamfer to allow more swirl turbulence flow than conventional design in order to leverage the good Air-Fuel mixing in the combustion chamber. Simulations carried by two port flow speeds 5 & 15 m/s for different designs and compared with conventional design simulation. Figs showed 60 % improvement in turbulence when using valve contains sided circular holes in simulation. A new Variable Inlet Valve Opening (VIVO) design was proposed based on the promising result in forming swirl and tumble turbulence that should improve burning, torque and power of the engine. The innovated valve design with self drive variable opening holes also should give more breathe during the high speed of the engine. Index Terms- Inlet valve Optimization, Variable Valve Timing, Fuel efficiency, combustion engine turbulence.